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The Ford Parts Cheviot Stages Rally

Clerk of the Course:

Andy Kobasa
e: clerk@cheviotstages.org.uk

Deputy Clerks of the Course:

Guy Wickham
Lindsay Burnip
e: deputyclerk@cheviotstages.org.uk

Event Secretary:

David Shield
e: secretary@cheviotstages.org.uk

Chief Marshal:

Mac Cliff
e: marshal@cheviotstages.org.uk

Entries Secretary:

Gordon Bradford
t: 07412 107 269
e: entries@cheviotstages.org.uk

Media Officer:

Lara Holman
e : media@cheviotstages.org.uk

Trade Enquiries:

e: trade@cheviotstages.org.uk


Tosh Townsend
e: webmaster@cheviotstages.org.uk


UTD McClelland

UTD Dave Seed

UTD David Thirlwell

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